We are pleased to be stockists for Sherborne furniture and adjustable beds.  They have been British manufacturing for over 80 years, and are now one of the most successful upholstery companies.  All their furniture is fully produced in their UK factories.

Sherborne understand that finding the right size recliner is important and some of their popular recliners are available in four different sizes, petite, small, standard and royale.  All recliners and reclining settees come with either a manual, powered or re-chargeable power.  All the reclining chairs are also available as electric 'lift & rise' with a choice of single or dual motor control .

Sherborne offer over 150 modern to traditional range of fabrics from plains to stylish chenille's and patterned velvets.  Some of their ranges also offer a choice of elegant leathers.

All 'lift and rise' recliners are available on an express delivery and all their furniture come with a five year guarantee on all electrical components, actions and frames.


The Keswick Range

Sherborne's bestseller, the Keswick is a stylish design with a contoured shape offering exceptional comfort with fibre-filled back cushions and chaise seating. The reclining chairs are available in the petite, small, standard and royale sizes.  Within the range there are also fixed chairs, fixed or reclining two and three seat sofa's in both the small and standard sizes.  The electric 'lift and rise' recliners offer four different sized chairs; petite, small, standard and royale.


Keswick Corner Range

This popular range now offers a fixed or reclining corner group.  Each corner group consists of four sections supplied in modular form, which enables you to create either left or right handed positioning.  Additional centre sections can be added should you wish to extend your corner sofa.


The Olivia Range

The Olivia range offers a stylish triple back design and soft pillow arms, making it one of the most supportive and comfortable range.  The Olivia offers a standard size fixed, manual or powered recliner chair and fixed, manual or powered two and three seat sofa's.  There is also a small and standard sized electric single and dual motor lift & rise recliner chair.


The Shildon & Brompton Range


The Shildon & Brompton are a traditional fireside or winged chair.   Both chairs are available in a low seat, standard or high seat version.  They have re-movable seat cushions with fibre filled backs offering excellent lumbar support. There is a also legged foot stool to compliment the range.

Stools & Accessories

There are a wide range of stools and accessories to compliment the ranges of furniture including, three different size stools and stool boxes, scatter cushions, arm caps, lumbar cushion, neck pillow, head cushion.


Adjustable Beds


Sherborne adjustable beds carry a generous weight limit, and come fully upholstered with a choice of upholstered headboards and mattresses.  The beds come with a 5 year manufactures guarantee on all electrical components, actions and frames.   A wide range of fabric options are available including crushed velvets and attractive chenille's. 



This top of the range bed operates up to a generous weight of 28 stone, and has an added feature of a fully upholstered sturdy drawer.  An option of a dual motor control (head and foot adjustment) or single motor control (head only adjustment) are offered with this bed and also a range of sizing from 2'6" to 6'.  The handset features backlighting and the dual motor has the added addition of two memory settings.



The Hampton range offers stylish chrome-plated legs which the bed rests on and can operate with a weight limit of up to 28 stone.   An option of a dual motor control (head and foot adjustment) or single motor control (head only adjustment) are offered with this bed and also a range of sizing from 2'6" to 6'


This Regency bed is Sherborne's lower-priced alternative and comes in a 3' size and dual motor control (head and foot adjustment) only.  This bed operates a weight limit of up to 20 stone.



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