We are proud to be a recommended retailer for Celebrity furniture.  Celebrity have been manufacturing quality furniture for over 25 years and are now one of the leading UK manufactures of rising/reclining chairs.   All furniture is manufactured in their own UK factory by their owned skilled craftsmen.

When choosing a recliner, Celebrity have recognised the importance to choose the perfect size for your height and weight.  “Tailored to fit” recliners are available to suit every size, from the Petite model for smaller people, to the big, luxurious Grande, able to lift up to 25 stone with ease. This, together with a choice of 5 manual or powered actions, means you can choose a recliner to exactly meet your needs.

Celebrity offer ZipSPEED Express Delivery on some models meaning we can deliver your recliner chair approximately within 10-15 working days

** please note ZipSPEED Express Delivery does vary during busy periods **

All Celebrity furniture comes with a 5 year guarantee, including motor, action and frame.

The Langham Range

This new range offers sleek, stylish moulded arms and the ever popular ‘soft sit’ springing system.  The all action recliner chair is available in the standard size, and to complete the range there is a fixed chair and 2 0r 3 seat fixed or action settees.


The Somersby Range

This new range has a stylish, modern 3 tier foam back design with ‘softer sit’ comfort.  The all action recliner chair comes in 3 different sizes: Grande, Standard and Petite to maximise comfort and support.  To complete the range there is a fixed chair, and 2 or 3 seat fixed or action settees.

Grande, Standard and Petite sized recliners are all available on ZipSPEED delivery.



The Regent Range

The ‘All-Action’ Regent collection is  offered in fabric and fine leather, featuring “softer seat” springing in the seats, for added comfort.  The range is available with 3 recliners in “tailored to fit” sizes; Grande, Standard and Petite, all available in a choice of manual or electric actions including single and dual motor operations.

The collection also includes matching 2 and 3 seat settees in either fixed or all-action options, plus a fixed chair to complete the collection.

Grande, Standard and Petite sizes all available on ZipSPEED delivery.

The Westbury Range

A firm favourite with customers the Westbury collection offers a traditional, yet stylish recliner.  With it’s sumptuous triple pillow back and real wood “grab” handles the Westbury offers effortless relaxation with either finger touch or manual or electrically powered actions.  The recliner is available in 3 sizes, Grande, Standard and Petite and there is also a choice of Teak, Mahogany, or Natural finishes for the featured

Grande, Standard & Petite sizes all available on ZipSPEED delivery

The Woburn Range

A traditional, comfortable and classic design, with a deep button back and supportive scroll arms, the Woburn was the first recliner introduced with the “tailored to fit” concept. The range of recliners includes 4 sizes; Petite, Compact, Standard and Grande.  For the perfect match the collection includes 2 and 3 seat, all action and fixed settees together with a fixed chair.  Available in both hardwearing fabric or fine leather.

Grande, Standard, Compact and Petite all available on ZipSPEED delivery


The Woburn Legged Design

A firm favourite over the years, this traditional fireside chair and matching settee is available in both fabric and leather, with the chair available in a choice of Standard or Petite sizes.



Ikon is Celebrity’s latest collection of motion furniture designed for a more contemporary look.  The recliner chairs are suitable for users up to 20 stone and are built to last, with an option of powered or manual operation and powered lift and rise.  The Ikon range have also been designed so they compliment Celebrity models.

All Ikon recliners have an adjustable headrest for ultimate comfort, bases that rotate through a full 360° and specially upholstered comfort zones to maximise support for the legs, arms and neck.  All powered models have an additional benefit of a USB port 


The Aurora offers a sleek and simplistic design and is one of the Ikon’s popular models.  The chair has a choice of 3 wood colour bases, a chrome or spider base.  The chair is available as manual recline, dual motor or dual motor lift and rise.  This chair is compatible for a rechargeable battery upgrade option



The Eclipse offers a comfy sit and in addition has curved supportive arms and added side stitching detail.  The chair has a choice of 3 wood colour bases, a chrome or spider base. The chair is available as manual recline, dual motor or dual motor lift and rise.  This chair is compatible for a rechargeable battery upgrade option.


Those Little Extras

Relaxor Massage System:  Available on most recliners, this massage system is designed to help reduce stress, allowing a vibratory massage through a 4 pre-set programmes to 5 areas of the body, from shoulders to calves

Heat Pad: Available on most rise/recliners, the heat pad allows a gentle warmth to permeate the lower back, adding a total comfort experience to the art of relaxation.

Finger Tip Control: Control of your recliner is now even easier, for single motor recliners, you can choose either an integrated button system built into the chair or the easy 3 button handset, featuring a single reset button.  Dual motor recliners feature the 5 button, illuminated handset, again with a single reset button.

Rechargeable Battery Pack: In the event of a mains supply failure, the new optional TP2 rechargeable battery pack gives up to 10 lift cycles and fits all the powered riser/recliner chairs.

Accessories: Enhance your comfort experience with a range of cushions, arm protectors, chair back protectors and neck pillows, all designed specifically for the Celebrity ranges.

Matching Footstools: A range of two, storage and legged footstools are available in a wide selection of fabrics and leather.


Please contact us or visit our showroom to see the full range.